Yes, I’m Single and loving it!

I realized that the last 5 years is the best years of my life (yet) and that 5 years is the longest of me not being in a relationship, or Mutual Understanding or whatsoever attachment! I thank the Lord for these 5 years of being single because those years led me closer to God and to myself. I was able to befriend myself, understand my brokenness and know my worth. I am certain that I will not be able to discover these if I am in a relationship; dinner dates would be preferred rather than traveling alone to have a “me-time”.

While waiting for the man that the Lord has set for you, make most of your single life by making yourself better each day. Be the updated and the best version of yourself, so when your “God’s gift” will come, you will be the best gift for that person in return.

Are you single? Rejoice! Now is the best time for you to discover the love that you deserve.

single and loving

Love everything about yourself.

Before you put on your make up to cover those blemishes and before you put on your clothes to cover your flabs; look at yourself in the mirror and love everything what you see. Girls, you have to know your value and be reminded of how precious you are despite and in spite of your imperfections and your darkest past. Love yourself to be able to love others as well. Are we not commanded to “love others as yourself?” The kind of love you give to yourself is the kind of love you are capable to give to others. Love yourself and value your worth.

Before your one true love will knock on your door, master the art of unconditional love first.

I always remind the youth I am pastoring, “You have no right to be in a relationship if you can’t say “I love you” to your parents.” If you cannot love and express your love to the people you are blessed with since day 1 of your existence, then how can you love the person you’ve recently met?

Loving someone is a decision, being in a relationship is a commitment and marriage is faithfulness to your vow. These 3 requires unconditional love. Is your “love tank” capable to give that? Stretch your capacity to love by loving the people around you — start within your family.

Whether you are single or in a relationship, bear this in mind:

Never settle for what you do not deserve.

I had dated some guys in the past, most of them are boys. Yes, I fell in love more than once and I admit, having someone to be with, someone to hold your hand and to go out for a date brings butterflies to my stomach. But the butterflies had a lifespan, when they fade away and relationship turned sour I came to ask, “Do I deserve this?”’

Sometimes we accept the love we think we deserve and most often than not, we endure even if it’s beyond bearable only to stick to the delusion: “HE IS THE ONE FOR ME”.

Being in a relationship does not guarantee happiness but loving yourself entails contentment and peace.

Are you still single? Rejoice! The best is yet to come!

Crystha Shayne Funcion

Crystha is a nurse by profession but now currently works as a Catholic missionary for a ministry for families called Couples for Christ. Her current mission assignment is working with the youth and young professionals of the community. Aside from missionary work, Crystha is passionate about writing, "Writing is my expression," she says.

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