When the long wait is not yet over


Days ago, I attended a good friend’s wedding and I came to the Church prepared. Apart from fixing my hair and putting on my make-up, I prepared myself for the question that “probably” pops up, “when are you gonna get married?”

I have mastered my facial expression and gesture as I tried to be witty in answering, “The last time I’ve checked, he is on his way. I just don’t know where he came from”
In the last three years, I’ve been facing this question especially every time I attend weddings or family reunions.  Waiting for “THE ONE” is not easy. The uncertainties and the unknown are too bleak to deal.  Here is what I would like to share; when, after 28 years, the long wait is NOT YET OVER.


It’s not the end of the world and even if the world will end today, it does not matter whether you are single, in a relationship or married. Waiting can be lonely if we dwell too much on that coming of the ONE rather than being present at your present and enjoy what is happening in real time. Celebrate your single life! Appreciate what you have rather than being envious of your friends who are in relationship or who have cute kids whose photos flood your facebook newsfeed. You are single, praise God! You are alive!

Wait in joyful anticipation

Do not just sit there and wait but rather, walk, take the bus, fly! I’m not telling you to look for him but participate by finding yourself first.
What are your fears? What annoys you? What frustrates you? Why are you like that? What is / are your brokenness? What motivates you?
Dearest friend, the road to forever start with knowing yourself and embracing the real you —the best time to do that is NOW that you are single.

Crystha Shayne Funcion

Crystha is a nurse by profession but now currently works as a Catholic missionary for a ministry for families called Couples for Christ. Her current mission assignment is working with the youth and young professionals of the community. Aside from missionary work, Crystha is passionate about writing, "Writing is my expression," she says.

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