The Worth of Waiting

worth the wait

I was struck by Blessed John Paul II’s words about the sacredness of sex:

“To give your body to another person symbolizes the total gift of yourself to that person.”

Growing up, my mom never failed to remind me to value my purity. She often says that my virginity is the highest gift I can give, not only to my future husband, but more importantly to myself. My husband and I were in an exclusive relationship for four years prior to getting married. We faced a lot of challenges and temptations to keep ourselves pure. Reality was that it was never easy, but with God’s grace, I made it to the altar pure and proud to offer myself before God.

If there is one important thing I learned about striving for pure love, it is to first value my self-worth and dignity as a woman. I am definitely “worth waiting for”.

So let’s indeed make it worth the W-A-I-T:


It is giving of oneself completely, entirely, and totally to that one person we sacramentally vowed to “have and hold… in sickness and in health…until death do us part”.


Striving for purity adds to one’s desirability, charm, and allure, most especially for us women. But even for men, knowing fully well that they are willing to wait is an impression of true manhood.


We become persons of true worth when we value our purity and dignity.

T-rue Love.

True love is pure love. The surefire way to have a satisfying and safe sex life is to do it only with your husband or wife. Sex should be a “S-acred Ex-perience” and not just “S-omething Ex-citing”. It shouldn’t be something people can just choose to do with whoever and whenever they wish. Sex is something my husband and I “S-hare Ex-clusively”. It is not something married men and women can choose to do with people other than their spouse.

I have no regrets with preserving myself for that one person with whom I was destined to spend the rest of life. At the moment I was ready to give myself to my husband, I experienced real, pure love being shared in its truest sense.

Samantha Catabas - Manuel

Samantha Catabas – Manuel.  Don’t let the Dresden doll face fool you. She has served as a missionary in one of the most dangerous places for Christians in the 21st century — for 5 years. Now a young mother and a marketing executive, Samantha  dishes out nuggets of womanly wisdom for the modern Catholic female.

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