The Man with the Lily


Ever wonder what flower St. Joseph always holds in most of his icons and paintings? I do. We usually see saints holding palm leaves (which means they were martyred), but then the “Lily” made me curious.

The Lily is the symbol of virginity and purity. And Joseph is the classic example of a man who lived a pure and chaste life.

josephHe guarded the purity of Mary.

And somehow in one of the talks that I’ve attended about St. Joseph, it was said that St. Joseph was not an old man as depicted in some of the photos and stories we’ve heard. He was young, active, vibrant. He was a man of action. He had a young heart when he said yes to God and married Mary.

With him being young and chaste, I realize: Chastity is in fact for the young..

And purity comes out of true love. Joseph loved Mary with all his heart. He protected her, her integrity, her purity and her virginity. He protected God’s greatest treasures: Jesus and Mary.

Joseph was a man of silence. No quotations from him on the Bible, no words. He was a model of the contemplative life, a truly masculine trait. God speaks to us in silence and St. Joseph, because of his silence, humility and capability to love, he was chosen.

May all men look up to Joseph. May all men be like Joseph. May all men be chaste and protect us, women, like St. Joseph. And may all men, who march down the aisle protect, love, cherish and treasure the love of their life.

Sky Ortigas

April Frances or Sky says she is an artist-wannabe but then decided to be a missionary instead. Now she works as a web designer and social media manager at a Catholic Media organization in the Philippines. You can know more about her and her work at her website

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