Safe and Self -Satisfying Sex in 3 Foolproof Steps

Ssshh..I have a secret that the government probably doesn’t want you to know. Safe and satisfying sex is possible — even without billions of pesos worth of condoms, pills, and IUDs! In fact, with the sure-fire methods below, your sex life can stop being part of public policy and we can all focus on real issues like, I don’t know, poverty? Yay! Now on to the list:

1. Abstain until marriage.

I hate to state the obvious, but since common sense is no longer too common nowadays, it has become necessary.  If you want to be 100% sure not to get pregnant and 100% sure not to get infected by sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), you have stop fooling around now.  Even with a condom, you have up to 18% chance of getting pregnant and up to 20% chance of getting STDs. But of course, the condom missionaries won’t tell you that.  What if they defined “safe skydiving” as having parachutes open only 80% of the time? Would you still go skydiving?  Yup, it’s not so safe after all.

2. Get married.

Numerous studies show that married people have significantly higher sex satisfaction than unmarried people who engage in sex.  They (married people) report higher levels of thrill and excitement compared to sexually active unmarried people. On one hand, couples who sleep together outside of marriage “often suffer guilt and fear.” And they do have every reason to be worried because everyone knows that sex outside of marriage comes with a whole lot of devastating– and often irreversible– consequences.  On the other hand, married couples who entered marriage with little to no sex history have the most satisfying sex lives.  And that’s according to a survey of over a hundred thousand people.


“Those in always-intact marriages were most likely (91.3 percent) to report feeling thrilled and excited during intercourse with their current sexual partner.” Only 82.7 percent of unmarried people engaging in sex reported feeling thrilled and excited during intercourse with their current sexual partner.

3. Be faithful.

Remember that whenever you have sex with someone, you are also like having sex with all of his or her previous sexual partners, and with the other people their sexual partners have had sex with.  In other words, in having sex with someone other than your spouse, you may be exposing yourself to STDs of hundreds of people.  And as if that is not terrifying enough, 80% of those who have STDs are unaware that they are infected, while an HIV-infected person may not show symptoms for up to 10 years.

Having a safe and satisfying sex life is not as complicated as other people make it to be.  But as they say, nothing good comes easy.  A truly safe and satisfying sex entails self-control, sacrifice, and selflessness– that’s what true love is about.  Because at the end of the day, it’s true love that each and everyone of us is looking for; not just safe and satisfying sex.

Anna Cosio

Anna Cosio is a registered nurse, a prolife advocate, an experienced public speaker, writer, and trainer. She is also a blogger, whose day job includes working as an English teacher and a freelance corporate trainer and events host, while managing an anti-aging business.

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