Longing for peace in this crazy world? Here’s 5 ways

Too much noise?  Too much criticism?  Life can be really tough.

We all have dreams to pursue and purpose to follow and find but here’s the reality:  there are a few like us there too!  Women who try to be better in this world.  Women who wants to live a life that is anchored to her values, to her beliefs, to the truth and real strength.  The world out there just releases too much noise and temptations that could weaken our beliefs, that could weaken our anchored hands to the truth.  Do you notice that too?  Do you feel and hear that noise?  Hey, I do too!  You are not alone.

Even we are all anchored and driven to pursuing our dreams, even if we do good things, yes, even if we pray everyday, we still all have those noise.  Those people that criticizes us, those people that makes us lose our confidence or even those that belittle our work and laugh at us when we try but fail. So if you want that peace, young lady, but still move on with grace, here’s some things we suggest.

1.  Have that “hard” quiet time.

It’s difficult when you hear that alarm every morning and not reach out to that cellphone and browse those Instagram photos or check Facebook updates, but try starting your day with something quiet:  A morning run and appreciate the creations around you or a morning coffee date with Jesus, alone with Him, Bible or devotionals in hand.  Set aside for just 15 minutes your devices, your things to do, your emails and just have that quiet moment.  Even if you don’t have to say anything, just be quiet, offer your day to Him, offer yourself and your work to Him.  Have that moment of peace and I am sure, no matter what comes into your day, you will be able to deal it differently.  It’s hard when you have a lot of things on your mind, but try it, make it a habit.

2.  Visit a Church, kneel down.

If there’s a church a block from you or just near your workplace or school, visit it.  Better when the Holy Eucharist is celebrated while you are there.  Spend time, be quiet.  Sit on a pew and just gaze at Jesus.  Absorb that quietness, hear the music, gaze at the altar.  He is there for you.  The Blessed Mother, together with her Son is looking at you too.  Gaze at each other.

3.  Go to Adoration.

If there’s an Adoration Chapel near you, go into it.  Enter it.  Go into adoration.  Sip in the goodness of being with the Jesus, just being there.  He hugs you every time, you know.  He knows you by name, He loves you beyond your sins, behind your impurities and beyond your imperfections.  He, in that small host is loving you intimately.

4.  Find a friend who listens, just listens.

It’s good to have a friend who just sits down with you and just listen to all your whines and still smiles at you.  I always look for that and I am blessed to have found girl-friends who just listens.  There are times,when you don’t need advises but you just want to blow out your feelings, you just want to say all things you want to say.  A trusted friend who opens her ear and listens.  Go find her, and just release all those feelings.

5.  Pause for 5 minutes

And when situations arises that gets into you and you want to confront the people who say not so good things to you, have that 5 minute pause.  Before saying anything, before deciding on anything, pause for 5 minutes, say the Express Novena of Mother Teresa (pray the Memorare 9 times), ask Mary what she would do, close your eyes, pause, listen.  And you’ll be surprised.

And lastly, find your sanctuary. May it be a place or even just holding your Rosary.

We all long for that quiet moment, for that peace. When the world outside releases too much noise, this sanctuary brings the stillness of the mind, soul and heart. Where true love is present, where grace cannot be measured. A quiet and short visit to that deep love is all we actually need.

quiet moment


Sky Ortigas

April Frances or Sky says she is an artist-wannabe but then decided to be a missionary instead. Now she works as a web designer and social media manager at a Catholic Media organization in the Philippines. You can know more about her and her work at her website http://designforcoffee.com

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