Hoping for God’s Best

Have you ever wanted something so badly only to realize that it isn’t as good as you hoped it would be? Are you currently waiting for something to happen in your life and are already getting impatient? Have you ever hoped for one thing, but received something else instead? Do you desire something that’s not really meant for you?

We can easily fall into the trap of aspiring for the most beautiful, most famous, wealthiest, most expensive, most prestigious things, the perfect relationship, the comfortable life, the best job, the easiest way out…We are made to perceive that the best things in life can only be fulfilled by vanity, money, fame, power, ultimate perfection.

But God’s best is beyond what money can buy or what power can acquire. In fact, God’s best is far better than ours for it guarantees a lifetime of happiness, fulfillment and satisfaction. God wants us to see life beyond this world. His desires for us are those we can enjoy even beyond this life.

Many times I have doubted, been stubborn, too proud to let go and trust in God. But time and again, He has proven to me that His plans are indeed perfect!

The first step to experiencing God’s best is to free ourselves completely. It means to be free from our personal desires. It entails us to surrender the things God doesn’t want for our lives. It means letting go of our fears, trusting that God has the best plans for us.

Surrendering to God doesn’t mean that we are deprived of wanting things for ourselves — things we love and enjoy. God’s best is, in fact, all about living our lives to the fullest.

Most of the time however, what we think would make our life worthwhile can only provide temporary fulfillment and satisfaction — an unrighteous relationship, using my position to power-trip, spending beyond my means, waiting for that “perfect” man, sacrificing the needs of my family to enjoy my social lifestyle. If we think that these are the best in life, then we are truly depriving ourselves of the life that is meant for us.

We can only fully enjoy God’s best once we realize that the things we hope for are meant to:

1. Give us the opportunity to fulfill our purpose.

Everything that goes on in our life happens for a reason. All our sufferings and joys, sorrow and happiness, failures and success are meant to teach us something.

2. Allow us freedom to do what we ought to do.

To be free is to live a life untainted by sin. God wants us to be free to enjoy life even if it means going against what is acceptable to the world.

3. Inspire us to love selflessly, unconditionally.

God blesses the people whom He trusts to also be a blessing to others. God’s blessings are meant to be shared. In the process, we learn to grow more in loving others.

4. Teach us to have faith.

We need to place our life and our future, even our loved ones in God’s hands. Trust that He has the best plans, which can only happen in His ideal time, and through His perfect way.

5. Lead us ever closer to God.

We detach ourselves from all things which can hinder us from fully experiencing His love. By completely abandoning ourselves to His will, we are letting Him be in full control of our lives. Through this, we will learn to depend only on Him.

God’s best is guaranteed to be far beyond what we can ever imagine for our lives. “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” (Jeremiah 29:11).

As we anticipate His plans, let’s continue to hope, to trust, and to surrender. For God’s best is truly worth waiting for.

Samantha Catabas - Manuel

Samantha Catabas – Manuel.  Don’t let the Dresden doll face fool you. She has served as a missionary in one of the most dangerous places for Christians in the 21st century — for 5 years. Now a young mother and a marketing executive, Samantha  dishes out nuggets of womanly wisdom for the modern Catholic female.

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