Broke or Not. Let’s Travel!


With so many choices nowadays, there is only one important thing that could make or break your travel plans: MONEY.

This is a quasi-essential factor especially when you are broke, just making ends meet or worst, if you are unemployed.  Most of you upon reading the words “broke” and “unemployed” will stop right there and just forget about your wanderlust.

Well, well, well (as Maleficent says)… Good news is that today’s generation has so many options for traveling to explore. Gone are the days when traveling was only for the rich, powerful and the privileged.  So what are you waiting for? Find out how to start planning your global expeditions.

1. If you have no money at first, you could start your travel adventures by reading a lot.

The world is like an oyster. Just by reading National Geographic, Lonely Planet or travel blogs online, you can discover a lot by getting virtual glimpses of that particular city or country even without moving your feet.

2. Stay positive that your travel plans will come true.

If you believe in your dreams, you are already half-way there, so list them down, visualize, and PRAY with all your might. Our God is awesome; He provides for us, especially if it is purpose-driven. Remember this Bible passage: “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” (Matthew 7:7)

3. Perhaps you might want to make a career shift into the travel industry or anything that involves travel.

Try a sales and marketing job, being a cabin crew member, a research developer or an entertainer.

4. Be active in socio-civic causes: Be a volunteer or a missionary, an educator or an athlete.

Majority of such causes are being funded by the government, large corporations, the church or educational institutions. At times, it comes with almost free travel packages once you are qualified or deployed to your assigned area. So there! Brush up on your EQ skills and start widening your social circles.

5. Be open to relocation.

It holds true that to travel is to leave your comfort zone. Hence, be open for changes and that includes a change of address.

6. Ask family, friends, relatives or colleagues to host you.

Take advantage of the fact that you know someone from a different place and go visit them. Not only did you explore something new but you also got to deepen friendships.

7. Try to hitchhike or couch surf or stay in hostels instead of travelling 5-star all the way.

Yes, it is still possible to safely hitchhike or couch surf in a stranger’s home. With the help of social media, you can sign up and check online groups offering this to guide you how to do it. There are also many clean and decent hostels that come at a fraction of a hotel stay’s price. Just do your research. Do not be paranoid. The higher purpose of travel is not only to take photos or selfies of the places you’ve visited. It is to get to know the people you encounter on the road which makes the journey even more interesting.

8. Explore your God-given talents: join contests or apply for scholarships abroad.

We are all blessed with these. The key is to unlock that potential and use it to your benefit.

9. Thick or thin paycheck, if you want to travel, Save for it!

Set your priorities. If travelling is on top of your list, then whatever the circumstances, choose to save for it. After all, you cannot have everything for free.

The joy of experiencing new things in life need not be expensive and commercialized. Embracing the unknown in order to grow and see the world isn’t limiting. You just have to believe in the possibilities. To travel is genius itself. To go places is like taking dance lessons from God, so know that He will equip you and provide for you.

Pia Tolentino

Overseas Foreign Worker (OFW) in Dubai, UAE. A wife, sister, friend and servant.

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