All About that Base – No Trouble

The Natural look or what is famously known as the “No Makeup look,” I must say, is the most requested look by my Filipina clients.  Maybe because, they still want to see “themselves” even when wearing makeup only that their features are enhanced, given a smooth complexion and a glowing skin. The key to this look is finding the right foundation or base for your skin tone and type.

This blog post is all about that base

You must keep in mind that your foundation must even out your skin tone. Not only does it make your skin looks smooth but it also acts as a barrier between your skin and dirt.   A good quality foundation can also add glow to your skin. The color of the face (darkest), neck (lightest) and body are different from one another. You want the face and body to have the same color.  Choose a foundation that matches the color of your body.  Do the stripe test there.  Pick 3 shades that you deem is nearest to your body’s color.  Draw stripes on the body, the color that disappears is the right shade for you. Bring a mirror and go outside for it is important that you check the color with daylight.

All about the Base, No Trouble

Knowing if your skin has a cool or warm tone can help you in choosing the right shade of foundation.  If you’re out in the sun and you turned pink or burnt, it means that your skin has a cool tone but if it would freckle, tan or stay the same your tone is warm. Cool tone means you have a pink undertone and warm means your undertone is yellow. So for us, Asians, we usually have a yellow undertone. Hence, look for a foundation that is yellow based. Normally, it will have warm or bronze on its name.

There are different types of foundation for your skin type.  If your skin is Oily, look for one labelled Oil Free or Cream to Powder or Mattifying; for Combination Skin: Stick foundation or liquid; forDry skin: moisturizing liquid or cream foundation.  If your skin is blemished and you need coverage, use cream or mousse formula. Usually they’re in tubs not bottles.

You may either use a stippling or any kind of foundation brush, and even just your fingers in applying your foundation.  What is important is that you’ll apply the product evenly.   Apply it on your neck and all over the face. Don’t forget to blend it on your ears and hairline.  Use powder with the same shade as the foundation you are using to seal and keep it in its place.

I hope that I have helped erased the bad rap that foundation has with women.  It may not seem exciting as when we talk about colors such blushes or lipsticks. But, if we don’t have a smooth, glowing, and even toned skin what cosmetics we add on may make us look unnatural, not put together, pale or funny looking, even.  For me the “perfect”  makeup must always start with a very good base.


Photo: Erron Ocampo
Makeup: Karen May Reyes
Hair: Joel Estrelles

Karen May Reyes

Karen is a full time makeup artist of The Makeup Studio by Madge and a part time makeup instructor. In her spare time, she loves to eat, read books, watch plays and concerts, window shop, sing in a church choir and travel. You may check her website @

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